Past Issues


  1. Vol: 4 Issue 21

    1. Houston Hurricane Protection Plan Still in Limbo
    2. Paxton sues Brownsville over fee on plastic bags
    3. The Q&A: Gabe Collins and Hilmar Blumberg
    4. TWJ: Implementing three-dimensional groundwater management
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. How bottled water became a craze
    7. Entries sought for innovative water supply awards
    8. Weighing the impact of EPA water, endangered species rules
    9. New tool said to predict water availability changes
    10. Underground reservoirs proposed to save water in Texas
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  2. Vol: 4 Issue 20

    1. EPA Proposes to Remove Long-Festering Toxic Waste Near San Jacinto River
    2. Paxton Blasts Clean Power Plan Ahead of High-Profile Legal Arguments
    3. The Q&A: Stuart Henry
    4. TWJ Book Review: Water is for fighting over
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. Event: SWIFT Funding Workshop on Water Conservation Projects
    7. Event: Wild and Scenic Film Festival
    8. Groundwater Pumping Under Cities May Cause Health Problems
    9. Researchers Say Hydropower Not Carbon Neutral
    10. Timber Company Leaves Town High and Dry
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
    12. We Need Your Help... Annual Reader Survey
  3. Vol: 4 Issue 19

    1. Texas Found 276 New Cases of Groundwater Contamination Last Year
    2. Toxic Aquifer Injections Trouble Railroad Commission Hopeful
    3. The Q&A: Brian Kamisato
    4. The Bookshelf: Sept. 21, 2016
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. Red Tide Hits Padre Island National Seashore
    7. Groups Laud Senate Passage of Water Bill
    8. Water Dispute Brings Death in India
    9. Meadows Center Wins Vision Award
    10. Coastal Land Program To Preserve Working Lands
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  4. Vol: 4 Issue 18

    1. Texas Promised to Track Oilfield Waste in Aquifers. It Didn't.
    2. Texas Drilling Will Cause More Health Problems, Study Predicts
    3. The Bookshelf: Sept. 7, 2016
    4. The Water Calendar
    5. Event: Texas Leadership Roundtable on Water
    6. Group Proposes State Park Designation for San Marcos River
    7. U.S. and Mexico Cooperating on Aquifer Study
    8. New High Resolution Maps of Alaska Released
    9. Superbugs Discovered in Drinking Water in France
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  5. Vol: 4 Issue 17

    1. EPA: North Texas Quakes Likely Linked to Oil and Gas Drilling
    2. "Why Are You So Angry at the Railroad Commission?" Texas Lawmaker Asks Reviewers
    3. The Bookshelf: Aug. 24, 2016
    4. The Water Calendar
    5. Alagood: Growth To Spur Need for Water Regulation in Texas
    6. Louisiana Floods Raise Questions on Warnings, News Coverage
    7. Groundwater Supplies are Declining, Even in Wet Areas
    8. Rio's Guanabara Bay has Company in Being Badly Polluted
    9. NOAA's New National Water Forecast Model
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  6. Vol: 4 Issue 16

    1. Texas Challenges EPA's Crackdown on Oilfield Methane
    2. Toxic Landfill Plan Near Colonia Raises Racism Charges
    3. The Q&A: Paul Choules
    4. The Bookshelf: Aug. 10, 2016
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. Aquifer's Draining Endangers Midwestern Farms
    7. Scientists Report Mass Die-Off at Marine Sanctuary
    8. Researchers Explore Link Between Algae and ALS
    9. New Projects Divide States Sharing Colorado River
    10. Environmentalists Warn of Dangers from Desalination
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  7. Vol: 4 Issue 15

    1. Texas Gets Boost in New Mexico Water Fight
    2. The Q&A: David Todd
    3. The Bookshelf: July 27, 2016
    4. The Water Calendar
    5. TWJ: "Bitter Waters: The Struggles of the Pecos River"
    6. Event: Texas Groundwater Summit
    7. Paved-Over Wetlands Cause Flooding Concern
    8. Report Says Unsafe Water Supply Infrastructure Needs Upgrading
    9. Communities Worry About Tainted Water
    10. Arizona Vineyards Adopt Water Exchange
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  8. Vol: 4 Issue 14

    1. Sinkhole Warnings Don't Faze West Texas
    2. The Q&A: Greg Story
    3. The Bookshelf: July 13, 2016
    4. The Water Calendar
    5. HRO: Using Aquifer Storage and Recovery to Meet Water Needs
    6. Event: Texas Water Tour in Corpus Christi
    7. El Paso Water Buy Stirs Controversy
    8. River Floodplains Said To Help Preserve Biodiversity
    9. Algae Blooms Signal Trouble in Coastal Estuaries
    10. Court Backs State In Battle Over Oyster Reefs
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  9. Vol: 4 Issue 13

    1. Texas Budget Spared in Court Ruling on Drilling Tax Case
    2. The Q&A: Chelsea Hawkins
    3. TWJ: Water Utilities Can Help in Fostering Conservation
    4. The Bookshelf: June 29, 2016
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. Study Analyzes Pedernales River Water
    7. Spring Lake To Host 4th of July Events
    8. Team Mynar Wins Close Race in Texas Water Safari
    9. Researchers Find Freshwater Reserves in California
    10. Nonstick Compounds Pose New Threat to Drinking Water
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  10. Vol: 4 Issue 12

    1. Lawyers Say Ruling Bad For Landowners
    2. The Q&A: Tim Loftus
    3. The Water Calendar
    4. Event: SWIFT Funding Workshop on Water Conservation Projects
    5. Spring Lake Adds New Exhibit on Native American History
    6. Texas Water Safari Postponed Until June 25
    7. New Threat to Water Providers: Cyber Attacks
    8. Ranchers Frustrated By Water Spills from Oil Fields
    9. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  11. Vol: 4 Issue 11

    1. In Weighty Water Ruling, Texas' High Court Backs Landowner
    2. Report: Texas Must Increase Water Conservation Efforts
    3. San Antonio Utility Approves Vista Ridge Takeover
    4. The Q&A: Samuel Brody
    5. The Bookshelf: June 1, 2016
    6. The Water Calendar
    7. New in TribTalk: Could Texas Face California-Sized Water Woes?
    8. Event: Southwest Stream Restoration Conference
    9. Vintage Glass-Bottom Boat Returns to Spring Lake
    10. Flash Floods in Texas Likely To Get Worse
    11. Meadows Center Director Honored with Conservation Award
    12. Water Is Now a Risk Factor in Investing
    13. Heavy Rains Mean Good News for Edwards Aquifer For Now
    14. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  12. Vol: 4 Issue 10

    1. U.S. Energy Chief: Texas Should Develop Clean Power Plan
    2. Big Bend-Area Pipeline Clears Last Hurdle
    3. The Q&A: Kenneth Cook
    4. The Bookshelf: May 18, 2016
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. Groundwater Extraction Is Sinking New Orleans
    7. Iron in Drinking Water May Pose Health Risks
    8. Contaminated Wastewater Found Near Underground Injection Site
    9. Experts Say U.S. Needs New Mindset for Water Infrastructure
    10. Former TWDB Chief To Advise Meadows Center
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  13. Vol: 4 Issue 9

    1. Texas Congressman Working on Bill to Speed Hurricane Protection Plan
    2. Cornyn Files Bill to Speed Texas Hurricane Study
    3. West Texas Site Applies for Nuke Waste License
    4. The Bookshelf: May 4, 2016
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. Event: A Telephone Town Hall on America's Water Infrastructure
    7. Event: Texas Water Foundation Benefit
    8. This Week Is Drinking Water Week
    9. Researcher Links Agricultural Compounds to Birth Defects
    10. Water Said To Be Biggest Threat In Climate Change
    11. Spring Lake Reveals Evidence of Early Human Habitation
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  14. Vol: 4 Issue 8

    1. Texans in Congress Largely Silent on Hurricane Protection
    2. Lawmakers Pledge Support for Hurricane Plan
    3. Vista Ridge Pipeline Opponents Win Small Victory
    4. The Q&A: Charles Porter
    5. The Bookshelf: April 20, 2016
    6. Utility Professionals Ask Congress to Fund Water Infrastructure
    7. Confetti Photos Affect the San Marcos River
    8. Lasers Track Water Movement in Soil
    9. Most of China's Water Wells Badly Polluted
    10. Study Questions Effects of Hays County Pipeline
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  15. Vol: 4 Issue 7

    1. Deal Struck to Move Forward with Pipeline
    2. Federal Judge Approves $20.8 Billion BP Spill Settlement
    3. Texas Lawmakers Mull Boosting Eminent Domain Protections
    4. The Q&A: Steve Young
    5. The Bookshelf: April 6, 2016
    6. The Water Calendar
    7. Event: Texas Water Board Meeting to Advance the SWIFT Program
    8. Study Shows Effects of Fracking on Drinking Water Sources
    9. White House Honors Sustainable Water Initiative
    10. Water Initiatives Announced at White House Water Summit
    11. New Online Tool Dives into Texas Water Information
    12. Hamilton Pool Use To Be Restricted in Summer
    13. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  16. Vol: 4 Issue 6

    1. Report: High Arsenic Levels in Many Texans' Drinking Water
    2. New Houston Hurricane Plan Stirs the Pot
    3. The Q&A: Laura Huffman
    4. The Bookshelf: March 23, 2016
    5. The Water Calendar
    6. New in Tribtalk: Sara E. Smith on World Water Day
    7. Event: 34th Annual Water Law Conference
    8. River Authority Buys Water Rights on the San Marcos River
    9. El Niño Wreaking Havoc In Countries Around the World
    10. Opinion: America's Water Systems Are Failing
    11. A Call for More Testing for Waterborne Diseases
    12. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  17. Vol: 4 Issue 5

    1. Hell and High Water: Houston's Perfect Storm
    2. Hell and High Water: Storage Tanks Fuel Economy — and Concerns
    3. Reveal Radio: A Monster Storm in the Making
    4. The Q&A: Ken Rainwater
    5. The Bookshelf: March 9, 2016
    6. The Water Calendar
    7. Event: Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium
    8. Mexico's Water Debt to U.S. Now Fully Paid
    9. Ogallala Aquifer Project To Launch in Amarillo
    10. Environmental Flows Agreement Said to Help Whooping Cranes
    11. Flint Crisis a Wake-Up Call for Water Systems Nationwide
    12. New Edition of Riparian Guide To Be Published
    13. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  18. Vol: 4 Issue 4

    1. In Major Water Case, Win for Ranchers is Loss For Cities
    2. The Q&A: Samantha Fox
    3. The Bookshelf: Feb. 24, 2016
    4. The Water Calendar
    5. Event: Guadalupe River System Collaborative Effort Launch
    6. Colonias Look to Drainage Study To Relieve Flooding
    7. Town Rocked by Scandal Now Plagued by Dirty Water
    8. Scientists Say Seas Rising Faster Than in Past 2,800 Years
    9. California To Try To Capture Storm Water
    10. Drought Effects To Spread Beyond Western U.S.
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  19. Vol: 4 Issue 3

    1. The Q&A: Merri Lisa Trigilio
    2. The Bookshelf: Feb. 10, 2016
    3. The Water Calendar
    4. Reminder: Texas Water Symposium on Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer
    5. Stream Restoration Conference Calling for Talk Abstracts
    6. Legislators Take Another Look at State Water Grid
    7. Drought Continues to Impact Texas Water Utilities
    8. Agricultural Lands Conservation Program Under Way
    9. Searching for Solutions to Remove Plastics from the Oceans
    10. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  20. Vol: 4 Issue 2

    1. Texas Loses Bid to Block Clean Power Plan
    2. Candidates Struggle to Stand Out Across Huge Senate District 24
    3. The Q&A: Zachary Sugg
    4. The Bookshelf: Jan. 27, 2016
    5. Event: Republican Railroad Commissioner Candidate Forum
    6. Study Compares Water Strategies in Four Western States
    7. UT Study Warns of Dangers to Hill Country from Rapid Growth
    8. Group Aims to Collect Abandoned Fishing Line
    9. Meadows Center Named a Certified Aquatic Science Site
    10. Flint Water Crisis Spurs Questions About Texas Water
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
  21. Vol: 4 Issue 1

    1. Environmentalists Ask EPA to Strip Texas' Regulatory Authority
    2. Revisit Undrinkable, Our Project on Poor Border Water Quality
    3. Opinion: PUC Should Consider Easements in Line Case
    4. The Bookshelf: Jan. 13, 2016
    5. Event: Screening of "Written on Water"
    6. Event: Texas Water Symposium To Focus on Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer
    7. Opinion: A Call for Early Forecasting and Warning Systems
    8. How LBJ and the LCRA Transformed the Hill Country
    9. Brackish Groundwater To Get More Attention in 2016
    10. In Global Trends of 2015, Water Worries At the Top
    11. Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels