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Our Staff

  • Duncan Agnew

    Reporting Fellow
    Duncan Agnew’s staff photo
  • Emily Albracht

    Graphic Designer
    Emily Albracht’s staff photo
  • Rebekah Allen’s staff photo
  • Rosalinda Almanza

    Events Fellow
    Rosalinda Almanza’s staff photo
  • Liam Andrew

    Director of Engineering
    Liam Andrew’s staff photo
  • Carla Astudillo’s staff photo
  • Jackson Barton

    Multimedia Fellow
    Jackson Barton’s staff photo
  • Sally Beauvais

    Engagement Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Sally Beauvais’s staff photo
  • Morgan Bennett

    Intern, Accounting and Member Relations Departments
    Morgan Bennett’s staff photo
  • Bobby Blanchard

    Assistant Director for Audience
    Bobby Blanchard’s staff photo
  • Neelam Bohra

    Reporting Fellow
    Neelam Bohra’s staff photo
  • Ty Brockhoeft

    Ty Brockhoeft’s staff photo
  • Mandi Cai

    Mandi Cai’s staff photo
  • Julia Calagiovanni

    Grants & Awards Manager
    Julia Calagiovanni’s staff photo
  • Darla Cameron

    Data Visuals Editor
    Darla Cameron’s staff photo
  • Anna Canizales

    Reporting Fellow
    Anna Canizales’s staff photo
  • Natalie Choate

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Natalie Choate’s staff photo
  • Lexi Churchill

    Research Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Lexi Churchill’s staff photo
  • Kiah Collier

    Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Kiah Collier’s staff photo
  • Vianna Davila

    Reporter ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Vianna Davila’s staff photo
  • Justin Dehn’s staff photo
  • Michael Rey de Leon

    Audiovisual Studio Engineer
    Michael Rey de Leon’s staff photo
  • Madison Dong

    Data Visuals Fellow
    Madison Dong’s staff photo
  • Erin Douglas

    Environment Reporter
    Erin Douglas’s staff photo
  • Chris Essig

    Data Visuals Developer
    Chris Essig’s staff photo
  • Mitchell Ferman

    Energy and Economy Reporter
    Mitchell Ferman’s staff photo
  • Irma Fernandez

    Development Officer
    Irma Fernandez’s staff photo
  • Brandon Formby

    Night News Editor
    Brandon Formby’s staff photo
  • Juan Pablo Garnham

    Urban Affairs Reporter
    Juan Pablo Garnham’s staff photo
  • Jon Garza

    Data Analyst
    Jon Garza’s staff photo
  • Eddie Gaspar

    Associate Photo Editor
    Eddie Gaspar’s staff photo
  • Rodney Gibbs

    Executive Director, Revenue Lab
    Rodney Gibbs’s staff photo
  • Andrew Gibson

    Front-end engineer
    Andrew Gibson’s staff photo
  • Sarah Glen

    Director of Loyalty Programs
    Sarah Glen’s staff photo
  • Emily Goldstein’s staff photo
  • Malú González

    Events Manager
    Malú González’s staff photo
  • Courtney Griffin

    Marketing and Communications Manager
    Courtney Griffin’s staff photo
  • Catherine Grooms

    Advertising Operations Manager
    Catherine Grooms’s staff photo
  • Miguel Gutierrez Jr.

    Photographer/Photo Editor
    Miguel Gutierrez Jr.’s staff photo
  • Dave Harmon

    Investigative Editor
    Dave Harmon’s staff photo
  • Karen Brooks Harper

    General Assignment Reporter
    Karen Brooks Harper’s staff photo
  • Ashley Hebler

    Front-End Engineer
    Ashley Hebler’s staff photo
  • April Hinkle

    Chief Revenue Officer
    April Hinkle’s staff photo
  • Stacy-Marie Ishmael

    Editorial Director
    Stacy-Marie Ishmael’s staff photo
  • John Jordan

    Deputy Photo Editor/Operations Manager
    John Jordan’s staff photo
  • Yasmeen Khalifa

    Engagement Fellow
    Yasmeen Khalifa’s staff photo
  • Lomi Kriel

    Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Lomi Kriel’s staff photo
  • Evan Lambert

    Chief Financial Officer
    Evan Lambert’s staff photo
  • Ren Larson

    Data Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Ren Larson’s staff photo
  • Elvia Limón’s staff photo
  • Abby Livingston’s staff photo
  • Evan L'Roy

    Photography Fellow
    Evan L'Roy’s staff photo
  • Regina Mack

    Off-Platform Editor
    Regina Mack’s staff photo
  • Corrie MacLaggan

    Managing Editor
    Corrie MacLaggan’s staff photo
  • Marissa Martinez

    Reporting Fellow
    Marissa Martinez’s staff photo
  • Jolie McCullough

    Criminal Justice Reporter
    Jolie McCullough’s staff photo
  • Kate McGee

    Higher Education Reporter
    Kate McGee’s staff photo
  • Bryan Mena

    D.C. Reporting Fellow
    Bryan Mena’s staff photo
  • Megan Menchaca’s staff photo
  • Marquis Mills-Cooper

    Revenue Lab Project Manager
    Marquis Mills-Cooper’s staff photo
  • Ayan Mittra’s staff photo
  • Shawn Mulcahy

    Coronavirus Reporting Fellow
    Shawn Mulcahy’s staff photo
  • Megan Munce’s staff photo
  • Shannon Najmabadi

    Women’s Health Reporter
    Shannon Najmabadi’s staff photo
  • Lisa Nhan

    Marketing and Communications Fellow
    Lisa Nhan’s staff photo
  • Grayson Norwood

    Director of Human Resources
    Grayson Norwood’s staff photo
  • Reese Oxner

    Breaking News Reporter
    Reese Oxner’s staff photo
  • David Pasztor

    Story Editor
    David Pasztor’s staff photo
  • Darrell Pinontoan

    Marketing and Communications Fellow
    Darrell Pinontoan’s staff photo
  • Cassandra Pollock

    Politics Reporter
    Cassandra Pollock’s staff photo
  • Terry Quinn

    Chief Development Officer
    Terry Quinn’s staff photo
  • Ross Ramsey’s staff photo
  • Kami Rieck

    Engagement Fellow
    Kami Rieck’s staff photo
  • Alana Rocha’s staff photo
  • Sumaya Saati

    Development Officer
    Sumaya Saati’s staff photo
  • Jeremy Schwartz

    Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Jeremy Schwartz’s staff photo
  • Evan Smith’s staff photo
  • Sami Sparber

    Reporting Fellow
    Sami Sparber’s staff photo
  • Patrick Svitek

    Political Reporter
    Patrick Svitek’s staff photo
  • Millie Tran

    Chief Product Officer
    Millie Tran’s staff photo
  • Perla Trevizo

    Reporter, ProPublica/Texas Tribune investigative unit
    Perla Trevizo’s staff photo
  • Alexa Ura

    Demographics Reporter/Associate Editor
    Alexa Ura’s staff photo
  • Jacob Villanueva’s staff photo
  • Matthew Watkins

    Managing Editor of News and Politics
    Matthew Watkins’s staff photo
  • Jessica Weaver

    Creative Director for Live Events
    Jessica Weaver’s staff photo
  • Kennedy Williams’s staff photo
  • Todd Wiseman’s staff photo