Laura Skelding for The Texas Tribune

Dangerous deliveries: Are Texas lawmakers doing enough to reduce maternal deaths?

After a months-long investigation, the Tribune found that the state's data on maternal mortality is a moving target, that women dying during or after pregnancy — mostly due to underlying health problems — is still a problem and that the state has missed opportunities to improve women's health programs.

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Kirsten Luce for The Marshall Project

Lost in court: A visit to Trump’s immigration bedlam

A year ago, President Trump commanded that immigration judges from across the country should be rushed to detention centers along the border. At an improvised court in Laredo, there were many signs of disarray.

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Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Texas executes Houston serial killer Anthony Shore

The first execution of 2018 in Texas and the nation took place Thursday evening for Houston’s “Tourniquet Killer.” It was the first execution under Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, a Democrat who oversaw the first year in more than 30 without an execution in the county.

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