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Justin Dehn

Justin Dehn is a multimedia producer at the Tribune whose focus is video and television production. He's been shooting and producing TV news for more than a decade, most recently as a staff photojournalist at Austin's KVUE-TV from 2006 to 2010. At the Tribune, Dehn has been behind the camera for Tribune special projects God and Governing, Hurting for Work and Paid to Prosecute, as well the stories we produce each week for our dozen TV partners around the state and segments for social media.

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Newsreel: Attack Ads, BLM Issue, EPA

This week in the Newsreel: Lite guv candidates ramp up their attack ads, a Texas-Oklahoma border dispute pits landowners against one another and the BLM, and SCOTUS knocks down a challenge to an EPA rule on cross-state pollution.

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