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The latest politics news from The Texas Tribune.

  • The Weekly TribCast: Episode 45

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  • 2010: Poll-Land

    This plot of polls in the Texas governor's race shows more variance when multiple surveys are performed around the same time.
  • Is the Governor's Race Really Tied?

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  • 2010: A Dead Heat?

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  • The Bellwether

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  • The Sting of the Killer Bees

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  • TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

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  • The Weekly TribCast: Episode 41

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  • Every Doggett Has His Day

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  • TribBlog: Border Residents Feel Safe, Poll Finds

    Downtown El Paso
  • The Polling Center: White's No Mad Man

    Democratic candidate for Texas governor Bill White campaigns in Henderson at the East Texans for Texas rally
  • TribBlog: How Much Do Kids Count?

  • The Map: Get Out the Vote

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  • The Map: The Giant Still Sleeps

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  • 2010: Perry 43, White 43

    Rick Perry, Bill White
  • Dave Carney: The TT Interview

    Gov. Rick Perry after his primary victory on March 2, 2010.