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 Trevor Paulhus for The Texas Tribune and Texas Monthly

How judicial conflicts of interest are denying poor Texans their right to an effective lawyer

For decades, Texans who can’t afford a lawyer have gotten caught in a criminal justice system that’s crippled by inadequate funding and overloaded attorneys. A growing body of caseload data — and a recent lawsuit — point to an even more fundamental hazard: the unchecked power of Texas judges.

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Why did the Trump administration separate asylum-seekers from their kids?

The federal government claims that it separated thousands of migrant kids from their parents for one reason: The parents broke the law by entering the U.S. illegally. But the account of a Guatemalan mother named Sandy, told in this week's episode of Reveal in partnership with the Texas Tribune, tells a different story.

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Marcos Samayoa waits on the Brownsville/Gateway International Bridge in June 2018.
 Reynaldo Leal

Separated migrant family of six faced one hurdle after another after immigration crackdown

A young Guatemalan slept on a bridge for at least three days and nights while attempting to seek asylum. His wife and children had been separated after crossing that bridge just weeks earlier. This is the story of a family that faced seemingly every possible hurdle under Trump's immigration crackdown.

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Javier Alejandro Vindel-Rodriguez on the Brownsville Express International Bridge, where U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents deterred asylum seekers like his family from crossing the border.
 Reynaldo Leal for The Texas Tribune

The Trump administration is not keeping its promises to asylum seekers who come to ports of entry

As the humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border comes more into focus, Trump administration officials insist that there is a "right way" for families fleeing persecution to seek asylum in the United States: Come to an official port of entry. But such families are still finding themselves in a lot of trouble.

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Genesis, a 5-year-old girl from Honduras traveling with her mother and brother, waits on the international bridge between Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico. A group of families from Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras say they have been waiting on the bridge for days as they seek asylum in the United States, but have been turned back at the international boundary by U.S. officials who have told them they have to keep waiting.
 Reynaldo Leal

On a bridge over the Rio Grande, immigrants seeking asylum wait for a chance to enter the U.S.

Sleeping on the bridge connecting Brownsville with Mexico, a Guatemalan man says he'll wait as long as it takes to get across and find his wife and children. But federal agents stationed on the bridge have kept him and more than a dozen others from requesting asylum.

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Houston Housing Authority President and CEO Tory Gunsolley outside his office on Mar. 27, 2018.
 Pu Ying Huang for The Texas Tribune

A decade after Ike, Houston still hasn’t spent tens of millions it got to build affordable housing

When the Houston Housing Authority tried to build in low-income neighborhoods, housing advocates and the feds blocked the projects. When they turned to wealthier areas, neighbors and politicians shot them down. Will anything change once federal money starts to flow after Hurricane Harvey?

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