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Joshua Blank is the manager of polling and research at the Texas Politics Project and a doctoral candidate in the government department at the University of Texas at Austin. Born in New York, NY, he has a bachelor's degree in political science from Boston University and a master's degree in government from the University of Texas at Austin.

Recent Contributions

Bob Daemmrich

Polling Center: Dewhurst's Fortunes Track Party Changes

David Dewhurst’s predicament — abandoned first by most Republican primary voters and then by one of the bellwethers of the Texas big business establishment — reveals how the Texas GOP has changed since he first became lieutenant governor in 2003.

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Jerod Foster

Polling Center: Leaving Tests Behind

The same voters who responded well to George W. Bush's education policies oppose one of its main components: the standardized tests introduced to make schools more accountable.

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Robert W. Hart

Polling Center: Threading the Needle on Education

Education policy is usually a winner for Democratic candidates, but in Texas, things are more nuanced, especially when it comes to education spending. This year's race for governor race is a great example.

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Tyler Hellard

Polling Center: Texan First, American Second

When we asked Texans whether they considered themselves Texans first and Americans second, most said no. But the grandkids were more likely than their grandparents to say yes.

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Todd Wiseman

Polling Center: Legal Pot in Texas? Snuff the Thought

Only 28 percent of Texans say they are opposed to legalization of marijuana for any reason. Most would OK it for medicinal use, and nearly half would approve it for recreational use. But the state's most conservative voters are not likely to go along.

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Marjorie Kamys Cotera

The Polling Center: Playing the Right Anglos

In the short run, the GOP appears to be embarking on a winning strategy to mobilize a reliable and larger electorate using the rhetoric that motivates its voters.

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Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Polling Center: Major Issues, Poison Pills

Democratic and Republican voters favor many provisions of proposed immigration law reforms and of the Affordable Care Act. But the rhetorical emphasis on unpopular provisions of those policies has made them nonstarters with those same voters.

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