31 Days, 31 Ways (2013)

Throughout August 2013, The Texas Tribune featured 31 ways Texans' lives would change come Sept. 1, the date many bills passed by the Legislature — including the budget — took effect.

Callie Richmond

Job-Training Program Adjusts Amid Cuts

A grant program that focuses on training students in fields like high-tech manufacturing and computer support is undergoing funding cuts as a result of legislation passed during this year’s regular session. This story is part of our 31 Days, 31 Ways series. 


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Illustration by Caleb Bryant Miller / Micah Baldwin / Todd Wiseman

Some Worry New DNA Law Will Create Delays

Lawmakers this year approved a bill requiring DNA testing in death penalty cases. Some prosecutors worry more testing could simply delay a guilty defendant’s inevitable conviction. This story is part of our 31 Days, 31 Ways series.

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Todd Wiseman / Ralph Merry / SJ Sanders

Dental Board's Review Process Gets Makeover

After hearing critics take aim at the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, legislators approved new regulations that they hope will improve the board's efficiency. This story is part of our monthlong 31 Days, 31 Ways series.

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Graphic by Rebecca Lai / Chris Chang

Proxy Marriage Limits End Inmate Weddings

A new constraint on proxy marriage in Texas — a measure intended to prevent fraud — will have a secondary effect: It will end prison inmates' ability to tie the knot. This story is part of our month-long 31 Days, 31 Ways series.

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