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Sirvesta Thomas, right, and his wife, Tina Thomas, at CityWalk at Akard, an affordable housing project in downtown Dallas, on April 25, 2012. Kye R. Lee / The Dallas Morning News

Federal Government Shutdown to Keep Texas Workers Home

Thousands of “nonessential” Texas federal employees will be off the job until Congress passes legislation to turn the government’s lights back on. Texas has the nation's third-highest concentration of federal employees.


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Stacy Ford taking her daughter, Aurora, who is 11 years old and has Down Syndrome, to school on Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Spencer Selvidge

Sequester Cuts Could Hit Special Ed, Poor Students

The automatic federal spending cuts known as the sequester could hit special education and programs for low-income students hardest. And state lawmakers are unlikely to come up with cash to fill the federal hole. 

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