Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Abbott Vetoes Spousal Loophole

Gov. Greg Abbott has vetoed legislation that would have opened up a new loophole allowing elected officials to cloak assets held by a spouse. State Rep. Sarah Davis, whose bills contained the controversial amendment, said she wound up adding her voice to those calling for a veto.

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Bob Daemmrich

Ethics Reform: A Guide to What's Still Alive

Now that the massive overhaul contained in Senate Bill 19 has gone on life support, a few targeted efforts to shine the light on conflicts of interest and enhance transparency remain. Here's a guide to what's moving and what's not.

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The Brief: May 22, 2015

Four large donors to the nonprofit currently documenting Texas lawmakers this session are well-known backers of conservative causes.

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The Brief: March 12, 2015

One lawmaker's protest against Planned Parenthood supporters at the Capitol on Wednesday had turned into something else later in the day: a threat that the gloves were about to come off in his fight against the House leadership.

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