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John Whitmire

The latest john whitmire news from The Texas Tribune.

  • TribBlog: Youth Justice Merger?

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  • Equal, But Not the Same

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  • Achieving Closure

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  • Accountable to No One

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  • Should We Abolish the TYC?

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  • Accounts Playable

    The 2,694 political committees and campaigns that filed mid-year reports with the Texas Ethics Commission together held $167 million in their accounts, and the numbers offer a glimpse at what's competitive and what's not
  • State of Pay

    Poor pay and strict training and promotion standards have contributed in no small part to a large vacancy rate at DPS.
  • TribBlog: Getting Drunks Off the Road

    State Sen. John Whitmire speaks to reporters.
  • Fewer Sex Offenders in the DPS Database?

  • Tickets for 10-Year-Olds

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  • Department of Public Stimulus

    Security camera towers loom over the Rio Grande River.
  • TribBlog: Fair Game

    State Sen. John Whitmire speaks to reporters.
  • TribBlog: Bradley Makes His Case

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  • Case Open

    John Bradley, left, is the new chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission. Cameron Todd Willingham, right, was executed for setting a house fire that killed his three daughters.