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Perry: Protect Rainy Day Fund

Gov. Rick Perry told lawmakers Tuesday he is against tapping the state's $9.4 billion Rainy Day Fund to close the budget shortfall: “That approach would not only postpone tough, necessary decisions."

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ICYMI: The Senate Two-Thirds Debate

In case you missed it, we mashed up Wednesday's speeches for and against the Texas Senate's hallowed "two-thirds rule," which senators ultimately preserved. Members voted to keep an exception to the rules that allows a simple majority to consider changes to voter identification laws.

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Gov. Rick Perry swears into office in 2011.
 Bob Daemmrich

Texas Inaugurama

Gov. Rick Perry was sworn in Tuesday for an unprecedented third full term, predicting that historians will look back on this time as the "Texas century."

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The Weekly TribCast: Episode 62

In our session kickoff edition of the TribCast, Ross, Elise, Ben and Reeve discuss the state's budget morass, so-called "sanctuary city" legislation and their impressions of the newly sworn-in Texas Legislature.

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Perry Pressed on "Sanctuary Cities"

Gov. Rick Perry wants an end to "sanctuary cities," but in a press conference Wednesday morning, he didn't name specific cities he wants Texas lawmakers to target. Nor did he address whether the Department of Public Safety's policy of state troopers not inquiring about the immigration status of people they pull over should be changed.

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Branch: Higher Ed Cuts Unavoidable

As state leaders grapple with a budget shortfall that could be as high as $27 billion, state Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas, who chaired the House Higher Education Committee in 2009, offers up some possible cuts to higher education.

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Perry Speaks on the First Day of Session 2011
 Marjorie Kamys Cotera

He Sells Sanctuary

Gov. Rick Perry has designated the elimination of "sanctuary city" policies as one of the 82nd legislative session's emergency items — but as the Tribune has noted repeatedly in the last year, the state's in no position to throw stones.

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HuTube: Behind the Scenes on Day One

In our latest HuTube video blog post, we take you to the Texas House on day one of the 82nd Legislative session. Come with us as we go through the new security system, visit with lawmakers and witness the election of the House Speaker.

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Straus: Speaker's Race "Overanalyzed"

Despite loud protests from Tea Party groups that pushed for a more conservative leader, the Texas House Republican Caucus endorsed incumbent Speaker Joe Straus in an afternoon vote. Straus, appearing after the meeting, said the notion of a speaker's race was "overstudied and overanalyzed."

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