2010: Dems to Debate

Democrats Bill White and Farouk Shami will face off before a live audience in a televised debate.

2010: Stanford Gets Kinky

The recently laid-off Jason Stanford, a noted Kinky Friedman critic, has landed a job with ... Kinky Friedman.

2010: Rallying Cry

More than a week after they surfaced in the Republican gubernatorial primary debate, the politics of abortion are again heating up.

2010: Michael Williams Rails

... against Washington, of course, and the less-than-resolute wing of his party: An interview with the Texas Railroad Commissioner, who'd like very much, thank you, to be the next Marco Rubio.

2010: What Not to Wear

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami got himself photographed wearing a scarf that says "Palestine" on one end and "Jerusalem is ours" on the other.

2010: McDonald's Rewind

Democrat Jack McDonald surprised his supporters last month by dropping his 10-month bid for Congress. He said at the time he'd give money back to donors who want it back. Now come the details, in an email from the candidate to supporters.

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