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The Midday Brief: January 27, 2010

Your afternoon reading.

Your afternoon reading:

 “If TCEQ disappeared tomorrow, would anyone know the difference?” —  Bogus Science Peddled by TCEQThe Texas Observer

 “I am truly flabbergasted that Perry would resume meddling in A&M affairs in the middle of a political campaign.”— More turmoil at  A&M; Corps commandant resigns, Perry’s involvement seen — Burkablog

 “Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott announced Tuesday that the much-maligned Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills will be replaced with the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, or STAAR.” —TAKS no more; STAAR will be the new student assessmentAssociated Press

 “Two days after a ground shift and retaining wall collapse at a Northwest Side neighborhood displaced 91 families and left hundreds of residents panicked about the future of their homes, there still were few answers about what went wrong.”— Collapse investigation continuesSan Antonio Express-News

 “Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott resolved a civil Medicaid fraud investigation into dental management company FORBA Holdings, LLC. Under the $24 million multi-state settlement agreement, the attorney general recovered $546,000, including $214,588 that will be returned to the state treasury.”  — Attorney General Abbott's Fraud Investigation Yields $546,000 Recovery for MedicaidThe Cherokeean Herald

 “Voters aren’t good at parsing policy; they’re better at deciding if the folks in charge are doing a good job or not.” —  What Obama Should Say TonightThe New York Times

 New in the Texas Tribune:

 “While working for Democrat Chris Bell's campaign, political consultant Jason Stanford spent much of 2006 criticizing then-independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman.  Time for him to make some adjustments.” — 2010: Stanford Gets Kinky

 “Friday night's second and final debate between the Republican candidates for governor might as well be called "The Debra Medina Show." While the two big-name contenders — Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry — are trying not to make any career-threatening gaffes, she'll be trying to add momentum to an outsider run that has made her the most interesting candidate in the race.” —  The Last Picture Show

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