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Abby Rapoport

Abby Rapoport served as a writing fellow at the Economic Policy Institute, in Washington, D.C. before coming to Austin. She covered the 2009 legislative session for TEXAS MONTHLY under the tutelage of Paul Burka, the magazine's senior executive. Previously, she blogged for Glamour Magazine and interned at Lapham’s Quarterly. A Williamsburg, Virginia native, she has a degree in history from Grinnell College.

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Caleb Bryant MIller

The Brief: March 25, 2010

Yesterday was likely one of the worst days of Hank Skinner's life — before it became what was probably one of the best days.

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Jacob Villanueva

The Wild Card

“I was taught evolution, and it didn’t shake my faith in the Almighty whatsoever,” says George Clayton, who pulled off a stunning upset of incumbent Geraldine "Tincy" Miller, R-Dallas, in the GOP primary to win a seat on the State Board of Education. “Should creationism be taught as a counter to evolution? ... No, I don’t think so. I think evolution is in the science book. It should be taught as a science.”

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Caleb Bryant Miller

The SBOE vs. Itself

When no one was paying attention to the State Board of Education, the theory goes, the reelection of incumbents was virtually assured, just as it is in any down-ballot races. Now that its controversial doings are the stuff of national headlines, change is in the air. Or is it?

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