The Polling Center: Agreeing on Bad News

The polarization was striking: 80% of Texas Democrats were worried about staying too long in Afghanistan, while 76% of Texas Republicans were worried about leaving Afghanistan too soon. In the comparable national poll question, there was a notable but less striking split, with 61% of Democrats choosing a smaller increase, with 65% calling for a larger increase.

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Jacob Villanueva

Fight Club

With 198 legislators on the ballot next year, there ought to be more fear in the air. But only a few are in obvious political trouble. Who's on the list, and what makes them vulnerable?

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GOP Guvs Plead the Tenth

The Republican Governors’ Association has come to Texas for its annual conference. They’re upbeat from its fresh wins in Virginia and New Jersey. And the group wants to build on those wins heading into the 2010 elections.

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Candidate photo

HuTube: How Houston Could Become "Extinct"

A campaign flier going out to 35,000 Houston voters says mayoral candidate Annise Parker shouldn't be elected based on her homosexual lifestyle. The sender's argument against Parker for mayor? "Homosexual behavior leads to extinction."

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Associated Press

HuTube: Cheney 2012?

"We westerners know the difference between a real talker and the real deal," Cheney told supporters at Hobby Airport in Houston. "When it comes to being conservative, Kay Bailey Hutchison is the real deal."

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Jacob Villanueva, Elise Hu

Math Anxiety

Will there be enough money to cover the current state budget? "Fortunately, it's too early to tell," jokes House Speaker Joe Straus. He and other state leaders are well aware of the numbers, and although they think it's not yet time to act, they're focused on the big question.

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Elise Hu

TribBlog: Photo Finish

After more than forty years with the Associated Press, veteran photographer Harry Cabluck, 71, was one of the 80-90 staffers laid off by the organization on Tuesday. He always said he had no plans to retire.

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