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Ben Hasson

Ben Hasson previously worked at RMM Online Advertising and interned at media company Super!Alright! He has also worked as a freelance designer for print and the web, mostly for the Austin independent music and film scene. He grew up in Tucson and graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in design.

Latest Contributions

 Graphic by Spencer Selvidge and Ben Hasson

Take In a View of the New Texas Space Race

SpaceX recently achieved a milestone when it successfully landed an unmanned rocket on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Revisit our interactive project on the plans for commercial space flight in Texas, including SpaceX’s controversial facility in the southernmost part of the state.

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 Spencer Selvidge

Revisit Starstruck, a Project on Texas' Newest Space Race

SpaceX and Blue Origin have big — and sometimes secretive — plans for commercial space flight from South and West Texas. While some of the companies’ new neighbors are hopeful, others fear the effects on wildlife and small-town life.

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 Graphic by Jacob Villanueva

Starstruck: The Fights and Flights Behind Texas' Commercial Space Race

A half-century after NASA began pursuing spaceflight from Houston, Texas has again become the center of an emerging space industry. SpaceX and Blue Origin plan to launch commercial rockets from Texas sites. But they haven't won over their neighbors.

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