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Texas death row

The latest Texas death row news from The Texas Tribune.

  • TribBlog: Watkins Plays Self-Defense

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  • Justice Delayed

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  • David Oshinsky: The TT Interview

    David Oshinsky's book, Capital Punishment on Trial
  • The Big Stall

    John Bradley, left, is the new chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission. Cameron Todd Willingham, right, was executed for setting a house fire that killed his three daughters.
  • The Inquisition

    From left to right: Garry Adams, Sarah Kerrigan, and Aliece Watts at the House Public Safety Committee hearing.
  • "I Won't Stop Dispensing Justice"

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  • Skinner Gets a Stay

    International media gather around death penalty abolitionist Kiersten Saldano shortly after the Supreme Court announced a stay of Hank Skinner's execution.
  • The Secret Pardon

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