Reeve Hamilton

Primary Bloggers

On Jan. 23, bloggers learned the tools of the trade at the Perry 2010 Blogger Summit featuring Andrew Breitbart, Gov. Rick Perry, and others.

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TribBlog: Nullification Now

For the disgruntled ultraconservative, nullification may be the new secession. But as one prominent legal scholar puts it, “If you believe in nullification, you don’t believe in the constitution.”

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Jacob Villanueva

You've Come a Long Way, Maybe

Why aren't there more female political consultants? “I think there's an old-school, conservative, good ol’ boy inclination to go with a guy,” says Ann Erben. “It’s too rough and tumble to be a woman.”

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The Brief: January 13, 2010

Remember those kids who would do extra homework assignments — without turning them in? Apparently Gov. Rick Perry and Education Commissioner Robert Scott might have just such students.

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Game On

If ESPN analyst and Mike Leach antagonist Craig James decides to run for the U.S. Senate, he'd be simply the latest ex-athlete to assume his skills on the field translate to politics.

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Texas Legislative Council

Mapping It Out

What does the 2010 census mean for 2011 redistricting? Ben Philpott filed this report for KUT News and the Tribune.

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But We Were Friends!

In politics, friendship apparently lasts through only one political cycle. Just ask Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Many organizations that previously supported both her and Gov. Rick Perry have put their weight behind Perry's re-election bid instead of her challenge. The Texas Farm Bureau sits as the sole trade group cheerleading for the Hutchison campaign — while Perry counts 50 organizations and associations supporting him.

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