Jeb Hensarling

 Gabriel Cristóver Pérez

The Brief: May 14, 2014

Wichita Falls is catching more than a little flak for its plan to take treated sewer water and use it for drinking water, a plan that got put on the fast track with the current drought. But the wisecracks hide an important fact — wastewater reuse is already common across the state.

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 United States Coast Guard

The Brief: March 25, 2014

Tar balls from Saturday's spill of 168,000 gallons of fuel oil in into Galveston Bay began to wash ashore on Monday as officials assessed the long-term effects of the accident.

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 Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Updated: The 2012 Holdouts List

Some are waiting to see what the courts will do. Others want to see if any opponents surface. Regardless, with six days to go until the filing deadline, how many incumbents haven't filed yet? A whole bunch.

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 Illustration by Todd Wiseman

Meet the Chairmen?

At stake in next Tuesday's elections are powerful committee chairmanships in the U.S. House of Representatives, a few of which will likely go to members of the Texas delegation if the GOP does as predicted and wins back the majority. We've built an interactive chart that takes a closer look at which of our Republican congressmen are poised to wield the gavel — Smith? Hall? Hensarling? Burgess? Barton? — and how public policy could be impacted here and elsewhere.

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Primary Color: HD-66

The race to replace state Rep. Brian McCall, R-Plano, has it all: the high price of ambition, reruns of a 2006 campaign ad, a bikini-clad beauty and a fight over conservative bonafides.

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 Matt Stiles

The Capital Gang

The six Texas congressional candidates who ended the year with $1 million or more on hand are incumbents. Only two of the candidates with the 20 biggest bank accounts are not.

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