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Matt Stiles

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Past Contributions

  • Interactive: Congressional Redistricting Maps

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  • TPPF, Empower Texans Tax Filings: 2007-09

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  • News App: Search 2011 Congressional Campaign Donors, Contributions

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  • On the Records: Fundraising Outside Texas

    Congressional Fundraising By Zip Code Prefix: 1st Quarter 2011
  • Interactive: Texas Senate Redistricting Maps

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  • Texas Federal Fundraising Map 2011

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  • Interactive: House Redistricting, Before and After

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  • Update: Peña's Proposed District a Toss-Up?

    A proposal by Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton.
  • First House Redistricting Maps Presented

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  • On the Records: Mapping Forest Fires

    Fires worked by the Texas Forest Service: 2009-11.
  • Interactive: U.S. Speed Limits by State

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  • Interactive: State Lawyer's Facebook Posts

    Maltese puppies