Illustration by Tesla Motors and Ben Hasson

End of the Road for Tesla, Ride-for-Hire Bills

With the clock winding down on the legislative session, Tesla Motors, Uber and Lyft have little to show for the money they spent on high-profile lobbying. As deadlines loom, the bills they were steering appear to have run out of gas.

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman / Bob Daemmrich / Dennis Wilkinson / Tim Sackton / Chris Harrison

Caucus Plants Seeds for Farm-to-Table Movement

The bipartisan "farm-to-table" caucus landed a couple of key victories in its first legislative session, laying the groundwork for its effort to help local agricultural businesses crop up across Texas.


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Austin Officials Announce Crackdown on Wage Theft

Officials in Austin, Houston, El Paso and San Juan announced plans today intended to make employers aware of a key change in the law passed by the Legislature designed to elevate the importance of prosecuting wage theft. 

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Wenjing Zhang

Cities Make Wage-Theft Prosecution a Priority

With a new state law designed to protect workers from wage theft now in effect, organizations and lawmakers in at least three Texas cities are facing a new challenge: how to ensure that prosecuting it is a priority.

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The Weekly TribCast: Episode 68

This week's TribCast features Ross, Reeve, Ben and Emily discussing the University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, the buzz about Medicaid and concealed carry on college campuses.

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Illustration by Todd Wiseman

The Way Forward

Six weeks after the drubbing their party took at the hands of voters, surviving Texas House Democrats find themselves at a crossroads — on style and substance, politics and policy. With massive budget cuts looming, will they effectively sit out the session and force Republicans in the majority to have all the blood on their hands? Will they participate just enough to soften the blow in the areas they care about the most: education and health care? Can they hold together a solid 51-vote bloc on key legislation? Where exactly should they go from here? And who will lead them?

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Caleb Bryant Miller

The Last Populist

Like his hero Little Richard, Jim Hightower knew how to scream and piss off the establishment. As a tour of his archives led by the man himself reveals, his is the story of a Texas-style progressive movement that peaked before the young Texans of today can even remember.

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