Personal Profile

Full Name Blake Farenthold
Age 56
Hometown Corpus Christi
Race White
Education B.A. Radio, Television, Film, University of Texas at Austin. L.L.C. St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio
Spouse: Debbie
Religion Episcopalian

Former U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Corpus Christi, was elected to the 27th Congressional District in 2010. He resigned on April 6, 2018 amid sexual harassment allegations and an ongoing ethics investigation.

After practicing law for seven years with the Kleberg Law Firm and founding Farenthold Consulting Firm, LLC, he was sworn in to Congress in 2011. He received his bachelors in Radio, Television and Film from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to receive his law degree from St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio.