TribBlog: Mostyn Wins a Round

Democratic donor Steve Mostyn wins his latest round in a battle with state Rep. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood. A judge has blocked the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association from giving Taylor information about Mostyn's payouts in a massive windstorm settlement this year.

TribBlog: Taylor vs. Mostyn?

The co-chair of the House Committee on Insurance, state Rep. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, is asking the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association for details on a massive settlement paid out to 2,400 homeowners and their lawyer, Steve Mostyn. Mostyn, a prolific Democratic donor, says Taylor is targeting him for political reasons.

TribBlog: The Bus Fuss

After a 2006 bus accident in Beaumont that killed two students and injured several more, parents and legislators successfully demanded the state finance seat belts in school buses. Today, four years later, the Legislative Budget Board finally gave approval for a grant program — but the rules the board set likely will exclude the Beaumont area from getting the money, even though the grassroots movement started there. 

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