Wenjing Zhang

Cities Make Wage-Theft Prosecution a Priority

With a new state law designed to protect workers from wage theft now in effect, organizations and lawmakers in at least three Texas cities are facing a new challenge: how to ensure that prosecuting it is a priority.

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman

TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

Galbraith and Collier on the drought's economic impact, Grissom on the latest in the Morton and Skinner cases, Hamilton on university regents' potential conflicts of interest, Murphy on spending by Ron Paul's presidential campaign, Philpott on Rick Perry's plans for Social Security, Ramsey on the dirty little secret about dropouts, Ramshaw on how Perry and his staff downplayed allegations of abuse at state centers for the disabled, Root on Perry's flirtation with birtherism, M. Smith on GOP candidates making public ed their focus and Tan and Hamilton on why students in Texas illegally get access to state financial aid: The best of our best content from October 24 to 28, 2011.

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Illustration by Djakhangir Zakhidov / Todd Wiseman

Forensic Science Panel Recommends Wide-Ranging Arson Review

The momentous and long-awaited move was welcomed by the family of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was convicted of killing his three daughters in a 1991 arson fire. He was executed in 2004, and scientists have since discredited the science that was used to cement his arson conviction.

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Alison Blackman / Todd Wiseman / Bob Daemmrich

"Independent" Analysis of Flat Tax Questionable

Rick Perry's presidential campaign is touting a positive "independent" analysis of its flat tax plan. But interviews, company literature and a visit to the office of the firm hired to review it indicate the research falls short of a rigorous economic analysis.

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Bob Daemmrich

The Midday Brief: Oct. 28, 2011

Your afternoon reading: Perry says he's "here to win" New Hampshire; George Will says Romney becoming "less electable"; state officials unsatisfied by proposed changes to EPA pollution rule

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The Brief: Oct. 28, 2011

Fellow Republican candidates aren't coming to Rick Perry's defense over the possibility that he might skip future debates. But to some extent, they can sympathize.

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