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Thanh Tan

Thanh Tan is a multimedia reporter/producer for The Texas Tribune. She previously worked at Idaho Public Television, a PBS station that serves a statewide audience. While there, she was an Emmy award-winning producer/reporter/host for the longest-running legislative public affairs program in the West, Idaho Reports, moderator of The Idaho Debates, and a writer/producer for the flagship series Outdoor Idaho. Prior to joining IdahoPTV, she was a general assignment reporter at the ABC affiliate in Portland, OR and a political reporter for KBCI-TV in Boise, ID. Her work has also appeared on the PBS NewsHour and This American Life. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California with degrees in International Relations and Broadcast Journalism.

Recent Contributions

Photo Essay: Women's Health Issues Along the Border

Here's a visual perspective of reproductive health issues in the Rio Grande Valley, one of the country's poorest areas. This year, the issue of public financing for contraceptives and cancer screenings has often become intertwined with the controversy surrounding abortion.

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 Reynaldo Leal

Doctors Treating Elderly Poor Still Facing Struggles

Months after Texas physicians treating the state’s poorest seniors made a desperate plea for relief, there has been little movement to reverse a state policy that curbed their reimbursements for patients eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare.

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Video: Highlights from Cruz, Dewhurst Speeches

After clinching the Texas GOP nomination to the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz asks voters to put the nasty campaign behind them. An emotional Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst admits defeat. Watch highlights from the speeches and reaction from the candidates' supporters following Tuesday's election results.

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 Illustration by Todd Wiseman / Art Writ / Bob Daemmrich

Despite Mandate Flap, State Has Offered HPV Vaccine for Years

Though Gov. Rick Perry’s HPV vaccine mandate was overturned in 2007, the shots have been offered through a state vaccine program. In 2011, the state received parental approval to provide 308,680 doses to children.

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 Illustration by Todd Wiseman / Justin Dehn / Ariel Min

Video Series: The State of Family Planning in Texas

From the evolution of state and federally subsidized contraception to the battle over Planned Parenthood to the cost of unplanned pregnancies, this six-part series is the most comprehensive look yet at the politics of reproductive health in Texas.

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Video: The Price of Unplanned Pregnancies

What happens when family planning is out of reach for poor and uninsured Texans? In the final segment of our Fertile Ground series, we explore the costs to communities and taxpayers of the state's high rate of unplanned pregnancies.

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Video: Where Did Family Planning Money Go?

In Part 5 of the Tribune's "Fertile Ground" series, we track the fallout from the Texas Legislature's decision last year to shift two-thirds of family planning funds to other causes, including crisis pregnancy centers.

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