News For March, 2011

Illustration by Todd Wiseman

Former Mayors Offer Advice to Austin

The city of Austin could follow in the footsteps of other major Texas cities if it changed its form of government to single-member districts in time for the next general election, former big-city mayors said Monday night.

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Bob Daemmrich

Voter ID Gets Tense Hearing

The voter ID bill came before House lawmakers this morning — and it was a tense scene. Even supporters of the measure had to grapple with testimony from people who endorse the bill on anti-illegal immigration grounds. 

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Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Disability Advocates: "No Cuts! No Cuts!"

Disability advocates gathered at the Capitol today to call on lawmakers to use the Rainy Day Fund, to raise new revenue and, above all else, to not cut community-based services for the disabled. Over and over again the crowd chanted, "No cuts! No cuts!"

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Lawmakers Talk Grading, Attendance Policies

The Senate Education Committee has sent legislation on minimum grading and attendance policies to the full chamber, but bills on residential development and special education policy have stalled. 

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Ron Kirk: The TT Interview

The U.S. trade representative took a brief time-out during his visit to Austin last week to talk with the Tribune about trade with Mexico, public perception of the Obama administration, Dallas politics and his own political future.

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Guy Clifton: The TT Interview

The Houston neurosurgeon, author and frequent health care adviser to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst on his support for the individual insurance mandate, why cutting provider rates to rescue the budget is misguided and how far Texas would trim Medicaid if given the permission. 

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Small, Large Businesses Split on Budget Fixes

Approaches to budget cutting have divided lawmakers and their constituents, but as Erika Aguilar of KUT News reports, tension is brewing between two other worried groups: small and large businesses.

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