Tribpedia: 2012 Elections

In the election cycles that follow political redistricting — including the one in 2012 — everybody in the state's congressional delegation and the Legislature and on the State Board of Education is on the ballot. Some incumbents find themselves in new districts or paired with other incumbents. Turnover of the voluntary and involuntary kinds is high after new maps are ...

TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

Aaronson interactively charts the legal wrangling between Texas and the feds, Aguilar on what Obama's budget means for the border, Galbraith on congressional ambivalence about a wind tax credit, Grissom on cuts to crime victims services, Hamilton on UT-Austin's plan to boost graduation rates, Ramsey on our woefully low voter turnout, Ramshaw on a new Super PAC targeting incumbents of both parties, Root on conservative opposition to the Keystone pipeline and M. Smith on cash-starved school districts in the advertising game: The best of our best content from February 13-17, 2012.

Group Aims to Bring God Into Politics

God and Country, a new Texas-based organization, will hold a rally Saturday at a Tyler church to “draw a line in the sand and aggressively and publicly defend those certain unalienable rights endowed by our creator.”

In the Money: Campaign Balances at Year-End

Once upon a time, a campaign account with $100,000 or more was a peculiar thing; if not rare, then at least one of a small group. But that was back in the day: At the end of last year, there were 284 such committees, according to the campaign finance reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Campaign Chatter

"Suspended" doesn't necessarily mean a campaign is in its final state of rest, a congressman becomes a poster boy for a bill he probably didn't want to get tangled in, and other news in state politics.

Uncharted, Still

Start here: The judges in charge of the redistricting case in Texas haven't rejected the maps proposed by the state and agreed to by some but not all of the plaintiffs. They simply observed that no deal has been made to satisfy everyone and told everyone to keep talking and get ready for a hearing next week.