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  • Dropout problem drags Texas down

    The 2007-08 graduating class started with more than 370,000 students — and ended with about 237,000, or 64 percent. Not all students dropped out. Some left Texas public school and graduated elsewhere. Researchers argue over how to measure the dropout rate, but they agree on this point: It's way too high, and disproportionately high for Hispanic and black students.
  • Trouble in the big tent

    Republicans Thomas Ratliff (left) and Don McLeroy prepare to square off for a State Board of Education primary.
  • The Polling Center: Our Inaugural Election Survey

  • Disabled students restrained, injured in public schools

    Jennifer Howson was restrained dozens of times in her Kemp public school, often sustaining injuries like these.
  • TribBlog: Permanent School Fund Rebounds. But Will Schools Benefit?

  • Rick vs. Kay: Battle of the Titans

  • Shapleigh's out and then what?

  • Keeping Count

  • Is there a doctor on the line?

    Perry shakes hands after a speech in the Texas House.
  • Reluctantly out in front

    Gail Lowe
  • Too busy for a review

    Perry shakes hands after a speech in the Texas House.