Guest Column: For Arizona

If the federal law was enforced, there would be no need for an Arizona law or any other law in a state that is proposing similar legislation.

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Bob Daemmrich, Caleb Miller

Border Bickering

Five members of the U.S. House are lashing out at Gov. Rick Perry for what they say is his refusal to allocate more of the federal funding that moves through his office to the border. Perry claims his hands are tied and insists the congressmen need to check their math. While the back and forth continues, residents of the border fear for their lives.

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Visas for Victims

The federal government has more than tripled the number of visas granted to undocumented victims of such crimes as domestic violence and rape. The policy change is designed to aid prosecutors in securing witnesses and convictions, but some fear the incentive of legal status will spur false accusations. 

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The Party of "Whoa!"

How do the three candidates vying to be the state GOP's next chair feel about the hot-potato issue of immigration? Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune reports that they believe their fellow Republicans shouldn't rush to embrace the controversial new Arizona law. Full Story 

The Weekly TribCast: Episode 27

In this week's TribCast, Evan, Ross, Elise and Ben consider the latest twists in the immigration debate, hit on what Texas' political landscape might look like in 2012 and ponder why Yao Ming appears in a Perry web video. Full Story