Campus carry

Guns on campus: Texas students weigh in (video)

Fifty years after a gunman opened fire from the tower at UT-Austin – the first recorded mass shooting in U.S. history – students can carry loaded handguns on campus. Hear from proponents and opponents of the law.

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 Bob Daemmrich

Paxton Says "Frivolous" Campus Carry Lawsuit Has No Merit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday called a lawsuit brought by three University of Texas at Austin professors against the state’s campus carry law “frivolous” and said the professors have no valid reasons for opposing guns on campus.

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 Tamir Kalifa for The Texas Tribune

Quiet Unease Marks Campus Carry Debut in Texas

On Monday at the University of Texas at Austin, there were few obvious signs that a new state law had taken effect allowing guns in university buildings. But some students and faculty members said the new law left them unsettled.

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