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Elected Officials Directory

To help Texans know more about their representatives, we've gathered the bios, contact information and more for the occupants of the state’s highest offices.

Higher Ed Outcomes Explorer

Track the educational milestones of students who started eighth grade in a Texas public school between 1996 and 2003.

Texas Prison Inmates

Explore Texas’ prison units, and learn more about the more than 146,000 inmates housed inside them.

Search Texas Death Row Inmates by County, Execution Date

Our Faces of Death Row app has some new features. Now, you can search for inmates by the county where the crime was committed and see who has an execution date scheduled. These new filters will overlap with the already-existing sorting options: the inmate's race, sex, age and length of time on death row.

Ballpark Figures: Dive into the finances of Texas college athletics

We’ve updated our “Ballpark Figures” app with 2015-16 data on revenues and expenses for the eight public Texas universities that play in the Football Bowl Subdivision — the top level of college football. You can also compare schools to see how they stack up against one another.