News Apps and Data Tools

The 85th Texas Legislative Session

Watch our livestream and review the top issues of the 2017 Texas legislative session.

Government Salaries Explorer

Review the compensation of hundreds of thousands of state and municipal employees in Texas.

Tracking Texas' Execution Drugs

Monitoring movement of lethal injection drugs in the state's supply

Ballpark Figures

A look at the finances of Texas college athletics

Public Schools Explorer

Review key academic, enrollment and financial records on all of Texas’ 1,300 districts and 8,500 public schools.

Faces of Death Row

See all the inmates living on Texas’ death row, filterable by the length of their stay, race, age and sex.

Texas Prison Inmates

Explore Texas’ prison units, and learn more about the more than 146,000 inmates housed inside them.

2016 Texas Primaries

The ballots for the state's 2016 Republican and Democratic primary elections have been finalized. Here's a look at who has filed to run in those primaries, which will be held March 1.

Texas Hospitals Explorer

Compare the quality of care at more than 300 Texas hospitals.

31 Days, 31 Ways

A look at how Texans' lives changed on Sept. 1, 2015.

Ethics Explorer

Find out how elected officials’ personal interests conflict with the public interest when passing bills and setting policy.

Higher Education Explorer

Dig through achievement, enrollment and financial records on Texas’ institutions of higher learning.

Higher Ed Outcomes Explorer

Track the educational milestones of students who started eighth grade in a Texas public school between 1996 and 2003.