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TribBlog: Room to Breathe

The Texas Departments of Family and Protective Services and State Health Services are launching a "Room to Breathe" campaign to educate parents about the dangers of co-sleeping, a controversial subject that they appear to be approaching with caution.

2010: Medina Makes it Official

As she files to run as a Republican for Governor, Debra Medina's campaign says, “Texans are one step closer to freedom!”

2010: Hutchison's In; Here's How She Said It

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is in the governor's race, if you were still on pins and needles about that. She starts with promises of property tax reform, a leadership shake-up at the Texas Department of Transportation, and a list of other problems she'd like to address.

The Brief: December 7, 2009

If Thursday was Gov. Rick Perry’s day, and Friday belonged to Bill White, then today is a day for Kay Bailey Hutchison.

2010: Kinky Moves?

Texas Democrats aren't through with the changes on the statewide ticket. Take a look at this teaser from gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, issued after Hank Gilbert exited the governor's race, set his heart on being agriculture commissioner, and endorsed Farouk Shami.

2010: McLeroy vs. the World

Lobbyists from across the Republican party come out to support one of their own for State Board of Education, forsaking former chair Don McLeroy.

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