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  • Spies Like Us

    What the user sees on the screen is a link to the "Consumer Confidence Index" for March. But clicking on that link actually goes through a tracking system that can be used to identify the email address where this notice was originally sent.
  • Who You Callin' a Trial Lawyer?

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  • A Watershed Case

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  • TribBlog: How Houston is Feeling

    Houston City Hall
  • 2010: Perry On "Worst" List

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  • The Road Funding Hole

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  • Fort Stockton vs. Claytie

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  • Slideshow: Borderline IQ

  • Slipping Through the Cracks

    Cameron Maedgen enters his apartment in San Angelo. Maedgen, an autistic, brain-damaged, 19-year-old, is ineligible for state services because his IQ is too high — but too low-functioning to live without assistance.
  • $153,800 Per Arrest

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  • Net Neutrality Neutralized

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  • 2010: The Apostate's Mouthpiece

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  • TribBlog: Perry Finishes 23rd

    #71 "Texans for Rick Perry" car racing at the Samsung Mobile 500.