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DuPont Tragedy One of Many Toxic Gas Releases

Since 2009, Texas manufacturers have reported at least 19 other unauthorized releases of methyl mercaptan, the lethal chemical that killed four at a Port Arthur DuPont plant, according to a Tribune analysis of state data.

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 Jerod Foster

Texas Sees Significant Decline in Rural Land

Texas is losing more farm, ranch and forest land than any other state, according to recent data. That has implications for water resources, which scientists say are better retained by undeveloped land. Use these maps to see the changes for individual counties.

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 Illustration by Gage Skidmore / Todd Wiseman

Where $507 Million in Texas Enterprise Fund Awards Went

Gov. Rick Perry's Texas Enterprise Fund has become the target of harsh criticism since the release of a report by the Texas State Auditor describing the program as weak on oversight. Here's a look at where the money went and what jobs were created.

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 Graphic by Marcos Vanetta / Todd Wiseman

Interactive: 2013 Rates of Uninsured Across Texas

Use this interactive, which contains the latest census figures, to compare the rates of uninsured Texans in each of the state's metropolitan statistical areas. You can also see the rate of Texans living below the poverty level in each of the statistical areas.

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 Graphic by Todd Wiseman

Local Debt Explorer

Texas counties, cities and school districts have more than $100 billion in debt that's backed by a pledge of local property taxes. Use our Local Debt Explorer to find out how much tax-supported debt is held in your community.

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News App: The Texas Hospitals Explorer

Our new Hospitals Explorer helps you learn more about the quality of care available at 377 Texas hospitals that reported Medicare data. See how hospitals in your area compare with one another and with state and national standards.

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