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David Xol and his wife Florinda at their home in Alta Verapaz. Xol made his way across Mexico with his 7-year-old son, Byron. Xol was deported back to Guatemala; Byron remains in a detention center in Baytown.
 Carlos Sebastián/Nómada

"Where is my son?": A migrant father was deported in May. His son is still in a Texas shelter.

David Xol and his 7-year-old son, Byron, spent three days in a wooden crate on their way to the U.S. in May. After being separated from his son at the border, Xol was sent back to a remote village in the highlands of Guatemala. He has no idea when Byron is coming home.

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Genesis, a 5-year-old girl from Honduras traveling with her mother and brother, waits on the international bridge between Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico. A group of families from Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras say they have been waiting on the bridge for days as they seek asylum in the United States, but have been turned back at the international boundary by U.S. officials who have told them they have to keep waiting.
 Reynaldo Leal

On a bridge over the Rio Grande, immigrants seeking asylum wait for a chance to enter the U.S.

Sleeping on the bridge connecting Brownsville with Mexico, a Guatemalan man says he'll wait as long as it takes to get across and find his wife and children. But federal agents stationed on the bridge have kept him and more than a dozen others from requesting asylum.

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