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Becca Aaronson

Becca Aaronson ensures that our technology products align with our audience and brand objectives. As a member of the engineering team, she helps maintain and improve the Tribune's website, coordinates cross-departmental projects and conducts user research to improve reader experience. Becca joined the Tribune in 2010 as a journalist, and covered health care from 2012-2014. A founding member of the Tribune’s interactive data and visuals team, Becca developed interactive feature stories for the Tribune before moving to her current position. She has a bachelor’s degree in cultural theory from Scripps College in Claremont, Calif.

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Fresh Faces of the Texas Legislature

Twenty-nine Texans who weren't in the state Legislature last session will take their seats as new members of the Texas House and Senate in January. All but three of them are Republicans. Explore our list of fresh faces. 

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman

Local Debt Explorer

Texas counties, cities and school districts have more than $100 billion in debt that's backed by a pledge of local property taxes. Use our Local Debt Explorer to find out how much tax-supported debt is held in your community.

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