News For April, 2011

Guest Column: A Last-Minute Plea to Minimize Harm

We cannot solve this budget crisis with blind, across-the-board cuts. There are better choices. If we return to the pragmatic political approach that once defined our politics, we will keep alive the tradition of each generation sacrificing for a better Texas.

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Execution Drug Switch Ignites Controversy

Texas' decision to change one of the drugs used for lethal injections has sparked a lawsuit, calls for federal investigation of the criminal justice department and pleas from the drugmaker not to use its product for executions. 

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T-Squared: Our Q1 Stats

In March we broke our previous records for monthly uniques and monthly page views — by a lot. And we're ahead of where we should be year-to-date in every category of fundraising.

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Caleb Bryant Miller

TribLive: Hands Over Texas

If there’s one sentiment we at the Tribune especially appreciate, it’s enthusiasm. And on that score, the policymakers, pollsters and politicos who have graced the stage at our TribLive events have certainly delivered.

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Bob Daemmrich

Budget Fun: Guess the Signature [Updated]

If the signatures of state representatives on the hundreds of amendments to HB1 are any indication, possession of legible handwriting is not a prereqisite for holding elective office.

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Illustration by Muliadi Soenaryo

TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

Tan's wall-to-wall coverage of the budget (with more from the rest of the Trib crew, interviews with some of the freshmen seeing this up close for the first time and a map of how it works), Philpott on the similarities between budget worries in Texas and those elsewhere, M. Smith explains school finance, Ramshaw on the dwindling insurance options for orphans, Grissom on legal fights over the drugs used for state executions, Aguilar on the run-up to the debate over sanctuary cities, Stiles maps the diversity of Texas counties, Galbraith on efforts to recycle plastic bags and Hamilton on calls for "entrepreneurship" at the University of Texas: The best of our best content from March 28 to April 1, 2011.

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Todd Wiseman

Texas’ Clout in Congress Rises Along With GOP

Texas has the largest GOP delegation in Congress, and those members have high seniority, spots on key committees and seats at the leadership table — evidence, observers say, of the state’s sway inside the Capitol.

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