News For November, 2010


Not every Democrat we know is twitchy or nervous or jumpy or scared — maybe they're not in the Halloween frame of mind. But candidates and consultants who ordinarily aren't worried at all are uncertain, and in a negative way — not the state you want to be in during the closing days of a campaign.

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Graphic by Jacob Villanueva

Inside Intelligence: The Next Governor of Texas Will Be...

For the first installment of our non-scientific survey of political and policy insiders on issues of the moment, we asked two questions: "Which candidate do you think will win the race for governor?" and "Who are you voting for?" We also gave them a chance to explain — and, boy, did they.

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Illustration by Bob Daemmrich

Their Closing Arguments

On the final weekend of the gubernatorial campaign, Gov. Rick Perry was in Midland — exactly where he was on the final weekend of the Republican primary — pushing the same anti-Washington message that has kept him comfortably ahead in the polls for most of 2010. "Make no mistake," he told the assembled crowd, "this is a national election." His Democratic challenger, Bill White, was in a leafy Houston neighborhood, knocking on doors, energizing volunteers and insisting that the pundits and promulgators of conventional wisdom are dead wrong. "We have broad support," White insisted. "We are in a position to win this race."

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Keep Austin Sane

While tens of thousands of people crowded the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Austinites gathered at the Texas Capitol for a companion event. Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune reports. Full Story 
Bob Daemmrich

Hammer Time

Today, five years after Tom DeLay’s fall from power, his trial on the money laundering and conspiracy charges that forced his resignation as U.S. House majority leader is finally slated to begin. What's at stake, other than voyeuristic curiosity about whether a former congressman will go to prison?

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2010: Sights and Sounds of Sanity

A few of the sights and sounds from Saturday's satellite Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which attracted 5,000 to 6,000 people to the Capitol building in Austin.

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Bob Daemmrich

Tonight's the Night

Over the past year, we've seen nearly $100 million worth of gubernatorial politics in Texas and millions more spent maneuvering for advantage in Congress, in the Legislature and in other statewide and local offices. Tonight, we'll finally know what's what.

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Election Nightapalooza

We'll be chock full of constantly updated content beginning at 7 p.m. CDT, when most of the polls close around the state. Here's a handy guide to the barrage of interactives and information you'll find our site, plus where to watch and listen to your favorite Trib staffers make sense of it all on TV and radio.

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Time Flies

We've been around for one whole year! To mark the occasion, we look back at our inaugural 365 ... by the numbers. Full Story 
Illustration by Todd Wiseman

Last Ones In

Could you give away $8 million in a week? The state's top political donors did just that during the last seven days, raising the stakes on the governor's race and, mostly, on a relatively small number of bare-knuckle House races.

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Accusations Abound as Parties Fight to the Finish

Candidates, campaign workers and election officials are all gearing up for an end to the 2010 election cycle — and tension is the order of the day. In Travis County, there's a battle brewing between the Republican and Democratic parties, with allegations of voter intimidation and illegal voting flying back and forth. Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune reports. Full Story 
Bob Daemmrich

2010: Be Calm

Patience is the central theme emanating from the Houston county clerk’s office as officials there are cautioning that counting the ballots in Texas’ largest county won't happen quickly.

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