News For Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Preparations

If you're checking off the boxes for gubernatorial candidates, Thursday belonged to Gov. Rick Perry, who filed for reelection before noon on the first day he was allowed to do so.

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Party Matters

Candidates from both sides of the spectrum are self-recruited and responsible for their own campaigns. So what's the value of a relationship with the state's political parties?

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Bob Daemmrich

Audio: White Hits the Road

After Houston mayor Bill White joined the race for governor late last week, one of his first stops was Austin, a Democratic stronghold that made for a nice, safe place to start his campaign.

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Jacob Villanueva

The Hidden Food Line

Pending food-stamp applications have soared in Texas — from about 38,000 a year ago to more than 65,000 in October. Two-thirds of those people had waited longer than the federally mandated 30 days, and nearly half had waited more than 60 days.

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Texas Politics Project screengrab

Video: On Being a Black Republican

Wallace Jefferson, the chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court, on what race has to do with politics, why he's a member of the GOP, and whether the party has been sufficiently hospitable to African Americans.

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2010: Hutchison's In; Here's How She Said It

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is in the governor's race, if you were still on pins and needles about that. She starts with promises of property tax reform, a leadership shake-up at the Texas Department of Transportation, and a list of other problems she'd like to address.

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Todd Wiseman

Combing Over Shami's Voting Record

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami is counting on your votes to put him in office, but records show his own voting history is inconsistent. There's no evidence that he's ever voted in a Democratic primary — but he did vote in the Republican primary in 2000.

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TribBlog: Room to Breathe

The Texas Departments of Family and Protective Services and State Health Services are launching a "Room to Breathe" campaign to educate parents about the dangers of co-sleeping, a controversial subject that they appear to be approaching with caution.

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