Tribpedia: Griffin Perry

Griffin Perry is the son of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and a sometimes volunteer for his father's gubernatorial and presidential bids. The younger Perry worked as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank in Dallas until leaving to join his father on the presidential trail. Griffin's small-government parents blamed Federal Election Commission rules for the fact that he had to ...

Texas Weekly: Are Republican candidates ignoring Hispanics?

What concerns me as a Republican is that the race for governor may be focusing too much on the personalities of the candidates and the highly charged nature of the race rather than the long-term vision and consequences. I worry that either candidate could win the race but lose the future — too much focus on the politics of the next year, rather than the policies of the next decade.

2010: White sits tight

Bill White is still running for the U.S. Senate, according to aides and to White himself, in response to a flurry of weekend rumors that he's switching to the race for governor.

U.S. Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison with a supporter after filing for Texas governor on Dec. 7, 2009
U.S. Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison with a supporter after filing for Texas governor on Dec. 7, 2009

Should KBH resign? Two views

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is playing a high stakes game of will-she-won't-she. So should she or shouldn't she?

Mixed impressions inside the poll numbers

Texans say immigration tops their list of state concerns. Nearly half of them say illegal immigrants should be deported, as against 41 percent who think the immigrants should be allowed to keep their jobs, assimilate, and eventually be allowed to apply for legal status.

2010: Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

So Houston hair-care king Farouk Shami is in the race, pledging to spend $10 million to win a Democratic primary in which the majority of voters are still undecided. Among the interesting things to watch will be the dynamic between Shami and his rival for the nomination, Kinky Friedman, as the two are well acquainted: Shami was the subject of one of Kinky's fawning TEXAS MONTHLY columns (edited by yours truly) back in 2003 -- the sort of piece in which he would go all gooey over someone he professes to love, like Racehorse Haynes or Jim Nabors.

Jim Mattox and Ann Richards
Jim Mattox and Ann Richards

A Brief History of Fratricide

Ask a Republican who’s not on Gov. Rick Perry or Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s payroll about the 2010 governor’s primary, and you’ll get a response about a well-timed trip to Palm Springs in early March, when the two candidates square off. Party faithful want to stay above the fray: Primary challenges to longstanding incumbents tend to get rough quick.

It's election day and TT launch day. The video brief features a quick look at the day ahead, each weekday.

The Brief: November 3, 2009

It's Election Day - and it’s not too late to exceed expectations.

The Polling Center: Our Inaugural Election Survey

The results of the first UT/Texas Tribune poll, which was in the field from October 20-27 and sampled 800 Texans who identified themselves as registered voters, shows Texas slowly turning their attention to the 2010 elections. Perhaps more to the point, they have become extremely skeptical about the direction of the federal government. Today we’ll focus on the election match ups and what they tell us about the state of play a little less than six months out from the March primaries.

Rick vs. Kay: Battle of the Titans

Today is Election Day for 11 propositions on the constitutional ballot in Texas, but most of the state’s political attention is focused on next November’s gubernatorial election—and the brightest light is squarely on the Republican primary battle between incumbent Governor Rick Perry and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Ben Philpott, who's covering the governor’s race for Austin public radio station KUT-FM and the Tribune, reports on the battle of the titans taking place in the GOP and what its aftermath could mean for the party in power ... and the Democrats' chances next fall.

2010: TAM endorses Perry

The Texas Association of Manufacturers — one of the first groups to back the 2006 rewrite of the corporate franchise tax — endorsed Gov. Rick Perry over U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the 2010 gubernatorial race.

Governor Rick Perry at the podium in his press conference room
Governor Rick Perry at the podium in his press conference room

Exit notices for some, but not all

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On the day Gov. Rick Perry removed three forensic science commissioners, citing their expired terms, at least 100 appointees whose time was also up remained in their jobs.

Keeping Count

Texas should create a committee to promote participation in the 2010 U.S. Census, state Rep. Mike Villarreal told Gov. Rick Perry in a letter Tuesday.

Perry shakes hands after a speech in the Texas House.
Perry shakes hands after a speech in the Texas House.

Too busy for a review

Just days before it was set to review a case in which the state has been accused of executing an innocent man, Gov. Rick Perry replaced the chairman and two other members of an independent state forensics panel.

Perry Reversal Irks Business Group

The leader of Texas' largest business group said Wednesday that Gov. Rick Perry's new election promise to crackdown on employers who hire undocumented workers would be unfair and untenable.

What lawless hordes?

Border officials say their communities aren't being overrun with "lawless hordes" of Mexican drug runners and people smugglers, and they said Gov. Rick Perry is painting an inaccurate scary picture of their home.

Both bases covered

Gov. Rick Perry and former New York Mayor and GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani are traveling the state this week, touting anti-gang legislation and state border security efforts.

Perry: More boots on the border

Gov. Rick Perry is expanding Operation Border Star, a multi-agency border security effort he launched in 2007, sending teams of Texas Rangers and National Guard troops to curb border crime and prevent spillover violence from Mexico.

Border cameras: Take two

Gov. Rick Perry gave Texas border sheriffs another $2 million for a virtual border wall of web cameras that in its first full year failed to meet nearly every law enforcement goal his office originally set.