Tribpedia: Griffin Perry

Griffin Perry is the son of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and a sometimes volunteer for his father's gubernatorial and presidential bids. The younger Perry worked as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank in Dallas until leaving to join his father on the presidential trail. Griffin's small-government parents blamed Federal Election Commission rules for the fact that he had to ...

U.S. Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison with a supporter after filing for Texas governor on Dec. 7, 2009
U.S. Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison with a supporter after filing for Texas governor on Dec. 7, 2009

Kay Bailey Hutchison Doing Poorly in Lubbock Poll

Not many local polls have been made public, but this one confirms the rumor mill: One, Rick Perry’s lead in conservative areas of the state is a few points above what the UT/Trib poll found statewide. And, two, the impression that, as of now, the Kay Bailey Hutchison campaign is floundering if it's really trying to peel conservative voters away from Perry in significant numbers.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of Dec 7, 2009

Stiles and Babalola's long-awaited red-light camera data app. Grissom's two-parter on a powerful Texan's quest to change the DPS report on the crash that killed his son. Ramshaw's two-parter on transitional medicine. Thevenot on the charter school queue. And a ton of political news: KBH filed (but our TribCasters wondered about her path to the GOP nod); Debra Medina filed (and Hamilton tried to sort out what effect she'll have on the race); Farouk Shami defiantly remained in the Democratic primary (but Hu couldn't find evidence that he'd voted very often, let alone like a Democrat); and Rick Perry sent personalized messages to every Tom, Dick, and fill-in-the-blank. The best of our best from December 7 to 11, 2009

Governor Rick Perry's campaign using an innovative way to reach out to voters: a modern-day personal touch.

Perry Campaign Uses Personalized Videos to Connect

The governor's campaign married politics with personalized marketing this fall when it sent out thousands of customized videos to supporters. Should politicians be sold this way?

Governor Rick Perry Fights Against Cap and Trade

Rick Perry attacked the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision yesterday to declare carbon dioxide a public danger, arguing that the ruling lacks scientific evidence. The EPA's move could propel the cost of carbon reduction onto the list of issues in play in the governor’s race.