84th Legislative Session

Bob Daemmrich

San Antonio Special Election Likely Headed to Runoff

It's likely that no candidate will clear 50 percent in the special election for the unexpired seat in Texas House District 120, voters will be asked to come to the polls again this summer for — yes — an extra special election.

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Ken Lund

Paying Off Toll Roads Could Top $30 Billion

If Texas decided to pay off construction debt on nearly all of its toll roads tomorrow, the price tag would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 billion, according to a preliminary report. 

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Justin Dehn

Revisit Our God & Governing Series

In the 2015 Texas legislative session, state lawmakers frequently used their religious beliefs to defend their policymaking. Take a look back at "God & Governing," our documentary-style series on the role lawmakers' personal faith played in their legislating. 

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