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Madeline Conway is a summer 2016 newsletters fellow at the Tribune and recent graduate of Harvard, where she studied history and sociology and was managing editor of The Harvard Crimson. Prior to the Tribune, Madeline worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade as a metro intern.

Recent Contributions

 Baker Harrell

The Q&A: Baker Harrell

In this week's Q&A, we interview Baker Harrell, the CEO of It’s Time Texas, a nonprofit organization devoted to studying and promoting health in Texas.

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 Norihiro Kataoka

Rural Texas County Tries to Derail High-Speed Train

In a rebuke of a private firm’s plans to build a bullet train between Houston and Dallas, local officials in rural southeastern Texas moved Tuesday to restrict high-speed rail development in their corner part of the state.

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An Independent in the Legislature? Not for Long.

Laura Thompson is the first independent to serve in the Texas Legislature in more than a half-century, even though she won't be there long. The last was Howard Green, the grandfather of actor Ethan Hawke.

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