Criminal justice

Shifting Away from the Death Penalty

Texas lawmakers got their chance Tuesday to ask questions about the recent changes on the Texas Forensic Science Commission. Governor Rick Perry replaced several members of the commission – including its chair just days before it was to hear a report that questioned the science used to convict and execute Cameron Todd Willingham for the arson deaths of his three children.

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 Jacob Villanueva

Case Open

If you're waiting for closure on questions of Cameron Todd Willingham's guilt or innocence, get comfortable. The Texas Forensic Science Commission's new chair tells the Tribune that he doesn't yet have the rules or resources to investigate whether faulty science led to the Corsicana man's conviction and execution.

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 Ross Ramsey

Too busy for a review

Just days before it was set to review a case in which the state has been accused of executing an innocent man, Gov. Rick Perry replaced the chairman and two other members of an independent state forensics panel.

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Help Wanted

More than two-dozen people have asked Gov. Rick Perry to appoint them to replace former Texas Supreme Court Justice Scott Brister, who resigned recently to return to private practice.

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