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Todd Wiseman / Eddie Codel

Texas Conservatives Laud Court Ruling on Birth Control

Republicans hailed a Monday Supreme Court ruling on contraceptive insurance, while reproductive-rights activists decried it as an invitation for employers to interfere with women’s access to birth control. 

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Janis Daemmrich

Hardin: Impeachment Recommendations Up to Committee

What the members of the legislative committee investigating a University of Texas System regent do with a report laying out four potential bases for his impeachment is "entirely up to them," the committee's special counsel said Thursday.

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Todd Wiseman

EPA Seeks to Clarify Federal Water Law

The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers are backing a rule change that would better define bodies of water protected by the Clean Water Act. That could mean increased government oversight of streams and wetlands across Texas.

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Bob Daemmrich

Mussels, Lizard, Snake on Comptroller's Research List

The Texas comptroller's office will use $5 million appropriated by state legislators to fund university-centered research on three species at risk of being classified as endangered or threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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