83rd Legislative Session

 Gabriel Cristóver Pérez

Law Limits Standardized Tests, but Not Prep Work

House Bill 5, which reduced standardized testing in public high schools, also included a provision aimed at easing the pressure of high-stakes exams for students in lower grades. But it may not be having the intended effect.

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 Richard Carter

Craft Brewers Seek Further Reforms From Lawmakers

The 2013 legislative session was viewed by many observers as a watershed moment for craft brewers in Texas. But at a Thursday hearing, the House Economic Development Committee was encouraged to do more for the industry.

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 Adam Barhan

Craft Brewers Celebrate New Beer Laws

When Texas legalized brewpubs in 1993, the owners could only sell their product on-site. That changed in June with the implementation of the largest overhaul of the craft beer industry in two decades.

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News App: Expanding the Ethics Explorer

We've expanded the officials in our Ethics Explorer to include the judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the members of the State Board of Education. We've also updated our existing analysis on members of the Legislature.

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 Todd Wiseman

Year in Review: Video

In Texas, 2013 featured a legislative calendar that included multiple special sessions, a filibuster that drew international attention and a multitude of filings for the 2014 elections. Here's a look back at some of 2013's top stories.

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