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 Abby Livingston

House Backs Repeal of Crude Oil Export Ban

A bipartisan team of Texans rounded up an overwhelming majority of U.S. House votes on Friday to back a bill repealing the nation's long-standing ban on exporting domestic crude oil to the international market. But the final House tally wouldn't be enough to overcome a threatened presidential veto.

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Liveblog: Energy at The Texas Tribune Festival

We're liveblogging the sessions from the 2014 Texas Tribune Festival's Energy track. The sessions include panels on the state's power grid, the potential impact of energy reform in Mexico on Texas, the debate over hydraulic fracturing and a deeper look at the state's drilling boom.

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A TribLive Thanksgiving

From day one, the Tribune has put a premium on events as a very vibrant, dynamically interactive form of journalism: always before an audience, always open to the public, always on the record, usually free and whenever possible resulting in recorded content that could be posted on our web site for everyone to see, not just those lucky ducks who happened to be in the room. Usually these so-called TribLive events have been conversations with high elected officials or other newsmakers, and, indeed, they've occasionally made news. But more often than not they've simply been a way to engage with people in power, to hold them accountable, to ask them questions, to get to know them better. Today we present videos of 21 of those conversations — our way of saying thanks to the men and women who've done their time in the hot seat.

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TribBlog: Gene Green Keeps Quiet on Pelosi Vote

After watching his party lose 61 seats in the recent midterm elections, did U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, vote to stay the course or to give the boot to current Democratic House leadership? The world may never know.

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A Conversation with Gene Green

For the 16th event in our TribLive series, I interviewed the Democratic U.S. Congressman from Houston about why his party got slaughtered on Election Day, whether Nancy Pelosi should continue in a leadership role, why the Obama administration has been forced to play defense and what health care reform should look like going forward.

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 Justin Dehn/Todd Wiseman

Gene Green on "Leader" Pelosi

During his TribLive interview Wednesday morning, U.S. Rep. Gene Green, D-Houston, was asked if — in light of his party's Election Day disemboweling — he would support outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi's bid for minority leader.

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Plug it, Mr. President

There was mixed reaction in Texas to the president's remarks yesterday on the response to the Gulf oil spill, which critics have labeled "Obama's Katrina." KUT's Matt Largey reports.

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The Remedy

Should Congress salvage health care reform? How? Is it possible? Democrats in the Texas delegation sound off.

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