A TribLive Thanksgiving

Before there was audio and video and blogging and data and all the many ways to create and deliver content in the modern media world, people actually got in a room and talked to one another. Real time was, arguably, the original platform.

So it is that the Tribune has, from day one, put a premium on events as a very vibrant, dynamically interactive form of journalism: always before an audience, always open to the public, always on the record, usually free and whenever possible resulting in audio or video or both that could be posted on our web site for everyone to see — not just those lucky ducks who happened to be in the room. Usually these so-called TribLive events have been conversations with high elected officials or other newsmakers, and, indeed, they've occasionally made news. But more often than not they've simply been a way to engage with people in power, to hold them accountable, to ask them questions, to get to know them better and to more fully understand how they're approaching the task of making laws, spending our tax dollars, navigating shark-infested political waters, etc.

It has been enormously enjoyable to be the one asking the questions over the last eleven or so months, and I and my colleagues at the Trib enormously appreciate the participation and good sportsmanship of the men and women who've done their time in the hot seat. We'll be conducting even more of these conversations as we get into and go beyond the legislative session. For now, enjoy this aggregation of what has literally been hours spent going toe to toe with some of the most interesting people in Texas.

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