Bill White


2010: An Hour in the Spotlight

A televised debate offered voters a chance to see and hear from Libertarian Kathie Glass and Green Deb Shafto, gubernatorial candidates who are usually overshadowed by Rick Perry and Bill White.

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 Jacqueline Mermea

Rock the Mid-Terms?

Mailboxes and the airwaves will be flooded with political ads over the last two weeks of the general election, and much of that final push will be focused on likely voters. As Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune reports, most young people just don't fall into that category.

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An Hour With Bill White

On Friday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White sat down with me for an interview co-presented by the Tribune and Austin's public broadcasting stations, KUT and KLRU. We talked about whether the big bucks he's raised from appointees qualifies as "government for sale," how he'd cut the shortfall, how he feels about Barack Obama, the health care reform he'd prefer, those lawsuits against the feds and more.

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An Hour With Rick Perry

On Friday, Gov. Rick Perry sat down with me for an interview co-presented by the Tribune and Austin's public broadcasting stations, KUT and KLRU. We talked about the controversy over the Emerging Technology Fund, the calendar he makes public and the one he doesn't, how he'd cut the shortfall, which federal stimulus money he likes, whether Texas is a sanctuary state, the limits of abstinence education and more.

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 Illustration by Todd Wiseman

Washington Weak

The battle in the 2010 governor's race is about the battleground itself: Rick Perry wants to bind himself to voters in opposition to an intrusive and profligate Washington D.C. — meddling liberal Yankees, in other words. Bill White wants to motivate voters in opposition to what he portrays as the sorry condition of the state under Perry, the self-serving "career politician." For White, Washington is Perry's bogeyman to divert attention from his failures at home. For Perry, Washington is the root of the evils the state confronts — foremost, issues he says White ignores.

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Where They Stand: The Governor's Race

In the absence of a real debate between Gov. Rick Perry and his Democratic challenger, Bill White, Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune has created the next best thing: a mash-up of their answers to questions asked Friday by the Tribune's Evan Smith during one-hour interviews of the candidates sponsored by the Trib, KUT and Austin public television station KLRU.

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 Caleb Bryant Miller

2010: Beaumont, Corpus Papers Endorse White

The Beaumont Enterprise and the Corpus Christi Caller-Times today threw their support behind Bill White's bid to unseat Gov. Rick Perry, bringing to four the number of newspapers that have endorsed the Democratic challenger over the Republican incumbent.

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TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

Ramsey on whether Bill White at the top of the ballot helps Houston-area candidates, Aaronson and Stiles present a treemap of Texas political ads, Stiles and Ramsey on the latest campaign finance filings, Aguilar on the Laredo mayor's race, Hamilton on anonymous tweeters who make mischief, Ramshaw interviews a disability rights activist with a thing for iPads and bibles, Hu on the accidental release of Rick Perry's "secret" schedule, M. Smith on the bitter back-and-forth over a voter registration effort in Harris County, Philpott's micro-debate on education between two House candidates, Grissom on this week's twist in the Cameron Todd Willingham investigation and, in our latest collaboration with a big-city Texas newspaper, Stiles, Grissom and John Tedesco of the San-Antonio Express News on what kind of Texans, exactly, are applying to carry concealed handguns: The best of our best from Oct. 4 to 9, 2010.

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T-Squared: One-Hour Interviews With White and Perry

I'm pleased to report that next Friday, Oct. 15, the Trib — in partnership with Austin public radio station KUT and Austin public televison station KLRU — will present separate hour-long interviews with Democrat Bill White and Republican Rick Perry. The interviews will take place at KLRU's Austin City Limits studio before a live audience.

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